What a Wonderful World…

What a wonderful world we live in.

There are people fighting for their rights in the streets going unheard. They are not being heard by the people who have the power to make a difference. They are being ignored because the rights of the many are not shared by the few who govern over them. The ignorance of the individuals at the top deprive other human beings of basic human rights. The people in the streets are fighting a battle that had been previously fought. They fight for the rights of all human beings, they fight for equality, and they fight in the hopes of being heard. Unfortunately, the loud cries of the masses have fallen on deaf ears.

Oh, what a wonderful world we live in.

There is hostility and anger plaguing our world. Bombings and gunfire have cut too many innocent lives short. People from the outside see a culture, religion, or ethnicity as the source of these attacks. Generalizations spark fear and mistrust in many minds. A lack of understanding keeps a fellow nation of human beings from extending their hands to help. Prayers and pleas for safety are turned away by a nation founded by immigrants seeking a better life in a new world. Hope dwindles and fear, hatred, and brutality grow stronger. Those who understand or empathize try to send aid and accept others, but ignorance and distrust drown out their voices.

But it’s such a wonderful world to live in.

There are illnesses that are going without treatment. People avoid regular check-ups out of fear that they might need a test or procedure that they cannot afford. Care for our sick, children, and elders are placed on the shoulders of those who are often overworked and underpaid. The ones providing care are being told by faceless corporations that the care they feel their patients need are not a necessity. Healthcare facilities are being told how many days a patient can stay there without regarding the person’s individual needs in the decision process. Mental illness is going untreated and is still regarded as taboo by many. People are left to struggle without help and are often seen as criminal rather than in need. Those trying to do their best to provide care to all those in need are being stopped in their efforts by price tags and big business.

Is it really a wonderful world?

There are many learned behaviors. Hatred is a learned behavior, not one that is inherent at the start of life. Love is innate. Love does not have to be taught. The love that a child has is amazing. They do not hate until they are taught to hate. Children accept others openly despite their differences. However, they do not simply look past the differences of others. They seek out why someone might have darker skin or freckles, require glasses or a wheelchair, and why one person looks they way they do compared to another. They do not do that because they are afraid or worried about another person’s uniqueness. Unfortunately, many questions posed by children are met with flustered, ashamed, or curt answers from adults. These answers are often where children begin to think of differences as a bad thing. If we learn to embrace each other’s differences as the thing that makes us unique, we might begin to see more love and understanding in this world.

It can be a wonderful world.

There is always hope for a brighter tomorrow. The smallest movement can make the biggest noise. One small gesture of kindness can change another person’s life. Accept that even though you might not like a person, you should still love them and treat them well. Embrace the difference you bring into the world and see how others around you make the world a little better. People should not be afraid to stand up for what is right. Anyone can change the world for the better if they only try.


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