The Mistake

We took turns guarding the door, neither of us sleeping very much. Ricky looked nervous, and suddenly I felt bad about getting him involved. I shouldn’t have put him in this situation. Because of my carelessness, I’ve now put both of our lives at stake. I shouldn’t have come here, it’s not safe. Poor Ricky, I’ve thrown him into this mess with no warning at all. He knew that my job was a dangerous one, but I don’t think he ever realized what danger he’d be in just by being with me. As an FBI agent, I had been warned about threats, both real and not, from people I had either captured or allowed to escape, but I had no idea that they could actually find me and my loved ones.

Early this morning, I received a note and a package from a man who I’d help catch after going on a killing spree down the East Coast. The typed note read, “Good morning, Agent Dabrowski. I have revenge on my mind and a score to settle. Watch your back, but it’s not just yours that I would worry about. -T.J.” Inside the box were pictures of me, Ricky, and a few of my teammates. I called my team as I packed a bag and sprinted to my car ignoring the other agents’ advice to stay put. I banged on Ricky’s door and pushed past him once it was open. I drew all the shades and barricaded the door before I hugged him closely, with trembling arms and tears in my eyes. Once I had gotten to the end of my story, we heard the clicks of guns being loaded surrounding the house. All night we’ve been sitting up, guarding the door, hoping for someone to rescue us.


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