October 17, 2015

Saturday, October 17,2015


Tonight is going to be great, I thought as I looked myself over in the mirror. It will be a nice change to have another zombie with me. Hopefully, we can keep each other from trying to eat some brains in between bars. I chuckled out loud as I secured my shiny rhinestone studs into my ears.

Sighing as I double checked my look, I decided that I looked as alive as I possibly could. My makeup did a pretty good job adding a little color to my ghostly white cheeks, and bronzer added a slight, lively glow. Permanent dark circles under and around my eyes made for an effortless smokey eye and I only needed to add some black eyeliner and mascara to complete my look. The lipstick one of my friends had picked out for me complemented my wine colored leather jacket perfectly.

In the mirror, I looked well put together. I was wearing what many of my friends referred to as the “classic Jessie look”. Typically, this meant that the outfit was primarily black with well planned out pops of matching or well coordinated colors. Tonight, my outfit comprised of a black v-neck shirt, black skinny jeans, my favorite leather jacket, and Converse leather sneakers in the same color. I felt comfortable and fashionable, which is very important for a night out in Portland.

Once I finished tying my sneaker, I walked to my doorway and reached for my broom. Making sure I did not use too much force, I banged the ceiling with the handle three times. A loud chuckle was heard from above, and Nikki said something that was mumbled by the barrier. Before I opened the door, I reached for my wallet and keys and ensured that I could fit everything I needed for the night into the long leather pouch.

The first floor of our dorm was quiet and dark for a Saturday night, my neighbors were most likely out at a house party or in the suites and Kayli was with Alex for the night. The door to the stairs opened with a loud screech. I bounded up the stairs and strode up to Nikki’s door. Just as I was about to knock, the door opened and Cora stood in front of me. She was turned, talking to my best friend. “I wish I could go out with you two tonight, it sucks that I have to work,” she whined.

I managed to sneak my head above Cora’s hand on the door frame and flashed the goofiest face I could at Nikki. She struggled to stifle her laugh. Cora turned to look at me, she did not seem very amused with my antics and began to walk out of the door. When she crossed the hall to get into her own room, she looked back and commented, “Have a nice night ladies.” We both replied our thanks and I shut the door behind me.

“Have a nice night ladies,” I muttered with an annoyed tone. “Oh shut up, Jess. You know that Cora gets jealous,” Nikki grunted as she slid on her brown leather boots. As she stood up, she flipped her hair back. I smiled, “DJ did a great job dying your hair. It looks just like it did before we died.” Nikki chuckled, “Yeah, she did. And yours matches all of your outfits now!” She walked over and played with my red-velvet cupcake colored locks. “How did the hair color change go over with your parents?” I tousled my hair back into its usual place and I rolled my eyes. “My dad was the first to see it and originally he seemed to like it. Once my mother and my sister saw it, all hell broke loose.” I shook my head. “Anna thinks it’s stupid and my mom said it’s going to destroy my hair. However, if I came home with how it naturally looked now, she’d have a cow too thinking that I bleached the ever living shit out of it.” Nikki laughed at me, knowing all too well how my mother makes comments about my appearance.

“You look damn fine,” I joked with an urban flair. She looked amazing. Her blue sweater hugged her slim physique perfectly, and the khaki skinny jeans she had on made her legs look as though they went on for miles. I always felt underdressed around her. Nikki looked at me, clearly knowing that I was quietly judging myself in my head. “You look like a  badass tonight. Seriously though, you look hot.” She always knew how to get me out of my own head. With a sigh, I asked her, “Are you sure this outfit doesn’t make me look dead?” We both laughed and Nikki moved to get her purse.

“So, Jessie, what’s the game plan for tonight?” Shrugging, I told her, “I think we should start at Lincoln’s and then decide from there. Which reminds me, can you make sure I swing through the ATM either in town or once we get to Portland?” Nikki grabbed her purse and said that she would.

We headed out of the building, and walked around the side to the parking lot. “So, what’s the plan if we meet someone tonight?” Nikki smirked and winked at me. “I don’t think I’ll be meeting anyone tonight. As for you, you can flirt all you want, but at the end of the night you are coming home with me. After you’ve had your first drink, I’m putting you on a leash, little Miss Lightweight!” We cackled at my joke.


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