Try Again

She told him to try again, and he did, and she couldn’t help but laugh. “I told you I wasn’t a dancer,” he said, protesting. “But you’re an athlete,” she said, “you have trained muscles. They’ll start doing what you want them to if you just keep trying.” Peter rolled his eyes as Jessie crossed the room to restart the music again. Frank Sinatra began to croon as Jessie turned to face her partner, counting the tempo of the song as she half-did the steps until she reached him. “Five, six, seven, eight,” she whispered as her hands found their places, one on his chest and the other in his hand. “Now, step forward, with the right, step left, now together, then back with your left, and step together again. You’re getting it now, Pete. And start again,” Jessie instructed before repeating the steps again as they moved. Peter’s movements were jerky and uncoordinated in comparison to Jessie’s smoother and choreographed motions. However, his steps began to come more easily, he relaxed his stiff arms, and began to look at the girl in front of him rather than at his feet. Peter’s body began to stiffen up once again as he began to remember that there was a turn coming up. Jess felt his arm tense and she began to whisper, “step front, step left, and slowly turn. You’ve got this, look at me.” Their eyes met as they moved into a graceful box turn. Pete’s eyes lit up as they completed the turn and he exclaimed, “We did it!” Jess giggled gleefully as Pete tripped over her feet in his excited state. He regained his footing with ease and brought Jessie into a graceful dip. He kissed her as he brought her body back from the dip and the pair continued their dance until the music stopped.


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