The Night Before Graduation

‘Twas the night before graduation, and all through the school,

Not a professor was present, not even Dr. O’Toole;

The students were partying without any cares,

Knowing the classrooms were empty, no finals wait there;

The tempo of music traveled all through the air,

While pitchers of margaritas were poured and shared;

RAs were off duty, campus safety was quiet,

Truthfully hoping no one started a riot;

Then a large group of students raced down to the lake,

With thoughts of the crazy story it’d make.

One by one, they stripped off their clothes,

Someone started a bonfire, with the hopes no one froze;

The fire grew large, and the couples all cuddled,

Others took photos with obscene symbols gestured;

This paradise relieved all the end of year panic,

No more papers to write, which had made them quite manic;

When out of the darkness, they heard a loud rustle,

Most of the students grabbed their things in a hustle.

An officer emerged, with an angry grumble,

Being sent down the hill to see who was in trouble;

The fear of campus safety still sent chills down their spines,

Praying that they would not be stonewalled or slapped with some fines;

The man crossed the plain and he raised his voice,

“Don’t do anything stupid, just make the right choice;

Enjoy your last night and have a good time,

Just keep the noise down, and we’ll see you at nine.”

He walked up the hill, we all put our things down,

‘Cause we had one last hurrah before donning on a gown.

The party raged on ’til a quarter of four,

And a few people still wanted more.

I was the opposite, and went back to my room,

Where I changed and swept up the dirt with a broom;

Then I laid down in bed,

Lots of thoughts in my head;

Of celebrations, and hugs, and goodbyes to be said,

And thankfully none of the loan payments ahead.


(You can find this writing challenge here: Wed. 3/22)


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