A Fairy Tale Mash Up: Part One

Her foot slipped and she started to fall. “Woah!” I shouted as I tried to grab onto Jack’s arm before she began sliding down the steep hill. Unfortunately, my failed attempt to save my best friend caused me to trip on the underbrush and tumble down the hill after her. My body ached as I tried to stand up,and I began to look around for Jack. The grove we landed in was lovely, the trees were flowering and a quaint brook babbled nearby. Jack ended up in a patch of daisies, she hadn’t moved yet. “Are you okay?” I asked as I began to limp over to her body. She groaned and shifted slightly, which I took as a positive sign that she would be alright. I looked around some more and noticed a dirt path leading up to a small wooden bridge. I crouched down,”Jack, stay here and don’t move too much. I’m going to go look for help.”

I drew my sword from its sheath as I moved further down the path. In the distance, I could see lights through the trees. Hope swelled in my chest, and I continued on. At the end of the path, a small cottage was nestled peacefully amongst the trees. I knocked on the wooden door that was barely my size. There was no answer, so I peered inside the window. The home was dark aside from the lanterns by the front door that glowed brightly even with the last few rays of sunset shining down on them. Deciding that it would be better to return to Jack before night fall, I turned and returned to the path.

As I walked back into the grove, I heard voices whose owners seemed to blend into the twilight shadows of the forest around them. Seven little creatures began moving closer to my friend’s resting place, which made me uneasy. I held my sword high and shouted, which startled a few of the beings, “Hey! Get away from her!”

One of the little things began to walk towards me, their hands held outstretched. I responded by lowering my sword. “Who are you?” I asked as I squinted to see him through the rays of sun that blinded me. “My name is Doc, and these are my brothers. We were returning from work and happened across your friend.” I began to walk closer to Jack, and he followed me. I began to see the faces of the little people, they were old and jolly although they were only the size of small children. Most of them had gray beards and they were carrying pickaxes. “Are you dwarves?” I stammered. One of them chuckled heartily, “What else would we be, sister?” I began to look at all of them and felt as though I could trust them, “Can you help us? We fell down that hill and I don’t think Jack will be able to make it back to our village tonight. She hit her head hard.” The dwarves looked at each other and agreed to help us. “We live in a cottage just down the path. You can both stay with us tonight. We also have one more guest at the moment, so it will be cramped but safe for the night,” Doc explained.

The small men helped me lift Jack, and we began the short journey to their home. “So, sister, what’s your name?” the one called Grumpy asked me. “My name is Jill. Jack and I live at the far edge of this forest.” The one named Dopey chuckled and then mumbled something I could not understand. “What did he say?” I inquired of another dwarf. Bashful piped up and told me, “Dopey thought something was funny. He was mumbling ‘Jack and Jill went up the hill.’ It’s just something he does, don’t mind him.” I turned to face the smallest dwarf and replied, “That’s very clever, Dopey. I like it!” I chuckled as his face turned bright red.

As we neared the cottage, I noticed smoke billowing out of the chimney. “That wasn’t going when I was here before. Does someone else live here?” The dwarves smiled and replied that their guest must have gotten home early.

The smell of a freshly baked pie greeted us as the door opened and I slender figure hovered of the fireplace to stoke the roaring flames.


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