A New Arthurian Legend: Chapter One

In an Age long before now, a monarch filled with greed and corruption reigned over the land. From a distant land, an elderly seer came to visit the king. She told him of a sword that enabled the man who could pull it from its resting place the power to rule over all lands. However, she warned him that his lust for power would lead to his downfall. Foolishly, the king dismissed the woman’s warning and called together his strongest knights. He told them of his plans to find this sword and sent them out to locate the lake from the seer’s tale.

One brave knight, Sir Belvedere, heard a tale of the Lady of the Lake whilst fetching water at an inn. He returned to tell the king of what he learned, and the king’s greed grew. The Lady of the Lake posed the final test to obtain the magical sword. The knight was told that there were seven tests on the journey to what was called Avalon. However, only someone pure of heart could make it through the journey. This worried the king, for he knew that his heart was not pure. So he sent Sir Belvedere to find the orphan son of Uther Pendragon. The king knew that this boy would have a heart pure enough to pass that test.

Arthur was retrieved from the castle Elsinor, where he lived with the brutish Sir Kay. The boy was malnourished and ill treated. The king hoped he would be able to survive the journey, let alone the seven tests.

Arthur was fitted with golden armor with the seal of the king embossed on his chest. He was given food and rest, and then the king and his knights began to prepare him for what lay ahead.


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